At Larkins we believe that economic growth and the well being of society are inextricably linked to the health of the environment. We embrace our responsibility for environmental stewardship and we are committed to integrating environmental practices and sustainability principles into our core business strategy.

We want our initiatives and strategies to positively impact the customer experience.

We look after our people, our customers, our community and our environment in the following ways:

Our People

  • We train our people to care for our customers
  • We train our people to look out for one another
  • We train our people to look after the environment

Our Customers

  • We use Customer Satisfaction Tracking to ensure we continue to impress our guests
  • We carry out independent audits on our service levels and implement changes

Our Community

  • We encourage local recruitment
  • We support local suppliers



We implement preventive maintenance programmes to ensure the efficient operation and energy usage of equipment/plant.


We install water-flow reduction. We monitor water consumption on a daily basis to establish trends & reduce consumption. We adjust urinal flush to the minimum frequency.

Electricity and Gas

We only use energy saving specification light bulbs.


We use eco-friendly products where possible. We use recyclable products, paper, plastic, bottles etc.

Waste Management

We introduce methods to facilitate recycling.

Learning and Development

We train our employees in Environmental Awareness. We will be updating our environmental policy with any new or amended policies as they occur.

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